Peptides are very small molecules that are very similar to proteins. The only difference is that proteins are larger and they are also much more complex. When you take a look at proteins you will find that they do consist of amino acids and they also have strings of acids as well.

Peptides occur in the skin and they are often added to a huge range of healthcare products. This is done so it helps the skin to heal and it also helps with the regeneration process. Sometimes you will find that peptides are named with a number of amino acids they contain and this could be dipeptide if there are two or tripeptide if there are three.

How Do They Work?
Peptides send messages to the skin. When you take a look at collagen, for example, you’ll find that this is a protein and it helps to keep the skin very elastic. When this breaks down it forms other peptides. The presence of this then signals to the skin that it needs to produce even more collagen, and this can help you to get firmer and even younger looking skin.

You Can Use Peptides If…
You can use peptides if you want to have mature skin and you can also use them if you want to improve the elasticity of the skin as well. You can also boost the firmness of the skin and they can even help to heal scars and anything else of the sort.

You Should Avoid Peptides If..
You should avoid peptides if you want fast results. You won’t be able to see results in 24 hours and if you do want to see fast results then you may want to go for alpha-hydroxy acids or even retinoids.

Peptides are very easy for you to use but if you do want to make sure that you are getting the best result then you should stop using them altogether if you know that you are experiencing a bad reaction.

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