Research on SarmsThe popularity of the grey market research chemicals known as SARM’s is growing amongst the fitness world and bodybuilders. The national regulatory bodies and healthcare professionals are watching closely. SARMs are somewhat like AAS and both work in binding to your androgen receptors, increase muscle growth and triggers changes in DNA. They are available to buy on various online outlets with many supplement companies. In early clinical studies, SARMs have shown to build lean mass and muscle strength.

What is SARMs?

SARM’s is short for “selective androgen receptor modulators”. Sarms bind to your androgen receptors. Sarms can create muscle hypertrophy and they can reduce muscle atrophy which is muscle wastage from age, osteoporosis, and diseases. They are an anabolic agent that with scientific research has shown to enhance performance. Some Sarms have undergone clinical trials for testosterone replacement therapy. Sarms have a 10.1 anabolic to androgenic ratio. The supplement is highly bioavailable, which ensures effective utilisation and absorption by the body.

Types of SARMs

There are several different types of Sarms on the market today, these include: 

  • Ostarine
  • YK-11
  • RAD140
  • Andarine
  • MK-667
  • Cardarine

Where did SARM’s come from?

SARMs were founded and created in the 90s by professor and scientist James T Dalton. He identified the andarine molecule while trying to work and pioneer a treatment for cancer of the prostate. This is the 1st SARM to be made. The Sarm had very minor use in the treatment for cancer however his studies found it had effects on the growth of muscle. During this time, it wasn’t what they were seeking to find out however he knew it was something unique. Many years later, James created a Sarm version that was more refined now known as ostarine. They completed a research clinical trial on older men in which they were put on the supplement for a course of 12 weeks and their results had shown a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle mass while also they had gained more than 15% improvement in stair climb power.


SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Sarms are similar to steroids as they both work by binding to your androgen receptors. They represent a safer step forward and a class of androgenic drugs. Researchers in the journal of medicinal chemistry wrote Sarms have revived an almost dormant search for improved androgens. The supplement had shown in trials to be very tolerated but none of them had reached final approval by a regulatory body. The Sarm ostarine has made it through to phase 3 of clinical trials. Sarms studies are limited leaving them in a grey area not regulated by the FDA. Sarms aren’t illegal however it can be sometimes a challenge to find a reputable company selling the product that won’t cause harm to the body. Sarms are compounds where AAS are synthetic and can work against your body. The evidence surrounding the use of Sarms is anecdotal meaning very few clinical studies have been conducted regarding their lasting effects.

AAS are synthetic hormones that react similarly to Sarms as they both work by binding to your androgen receptors. Androgenic steroids are known for increasing muscle growth but come with many different side effects. They are illegal for use and purchase in many parts of the world as well as sporting federations. Many sporting athletes use them to aid training recovery and support muscle growth.

Are SARMs safe to take?

The safety of Sarms is unknown as they have not been approved by FDA. In clinical trials, they have shown many promising effects on muscle growth. It is illegal to sell Sarms as a supplement however the compounds have also been found in many brands of nutritional supplements. Due to the safety concerns, the FDA had asked consumers not to use the Sarm supplement as they could potentially have harmful risks and adverse reactions that could be associated with their use. The safety of Sarms is not guaranteed as it is not an FDA-approved supplement. The research is limited as there is no scientific evidence into using them in cycles recreationally and long-term use. If a dietary supplement isn’t approved by FDA, it is not a regulated product. The ingredient list could be misleading and state nonexistent or inaccurate quantities of the Sarm products.

SARMs benefits

The development of Sarms has shown potential benefits in the treatments of chronic wasting disorders which is in association with age and cancer. A meta-analysis study in 2019 for reviews in sexual medicine concluded that Sarms have a promising effect in revolutionising the treatment of several diseases and have many possible clinical applications. More clinical studies will be required to determine the efficacy and safety of these supplements prior to being approved for clinical use. Another interesting effect said during trials that Sarms has the potential to increase their availability of bioavailable testosterone.